Terms of hire

All inflatables are made from flame retardant material B553348. All our inflatables currently meet with health & safety regulations.

  1. Funcastles are not responsible for subject to change circumstances beyond their control.
  2. Funcastles are not legally binding. All terms & conditions are without prejudice.
  3. It is up to the hirer to arrange their own public liability insurance.
  4. The maximum age for a child using the inflatable is 12 years old. Over 12 years old an adult inflatable is required.
  5. An adult (over 18 years old) must supervise the inflatable at all times.
  6. Continually check the pegs are secured into the ground or sandbags where required (halls).
  7. Please make sure no animal excrement, toys, benches, washing lines, dustbins, hose pipes, are all cleared upon delivery and collection of the inflatable.
  8. The inflatable will be delivered clean and Funcastles will expect the inflatable to be clean upon collection. Otherwise a £30.00 cleaning fee will be asked for.
  9. The inflatable where possible will be connected to a circuit breaker.
  10. Do not climb on the walls of the inflatable and do not deflate or inflate the inflatable where persons are still on the inflatable.
  11. No food, drinks, glasses, jewellery, party poppers, face paint, water from hoses, allowed on the inflatable.
  12. You the hirer will be shown around the inflatable going through safety procedures of how to operate the inflatable at all times during the hire.
  13. If there is a thunderstorm, driving rain, light shower of rain, you the hirer must remove persons on the inflatable, turn of the power supply. wait until the weather clears and inflate the inflatable.
  14. Any damage to the inflatable, equipment will be charged to the hirer (the customer) in full, this includes theft.
  15. Any misuse of equipment and any loss of hire arising from misuse shall be deemed liable to the hirer.
  16. If you require the inflatable overnight but do not notify us prior to scheduled collection.
  17. If your event is going well and you wish to continue the hire overnight. Please telephone Funcastles no later than 4.30pm upon the day of hire the charge for this is £25.00. If Funcastles arrive at your party as arranged time upon collection for the inflatable and the hirer asks for the inflatable to be kept overnight then a full charge will be asked for.
  18. Do not leave shoes in front of the inflatable, leave shoes to one side for safety of other persons.
  19. Funcastles will not accept verbal abuse, vicious abuse. The inflatable will not be left for the hirers use.
  20. Funcastles will not deliver the inflatable where the operator has to climb upon and over a wall.
  21. All adult inflatables are subject to a cash deposit, the deposit is taken upon delivery of the inflatable and held for24 hours. Once fun castles have had a full inspection of the inflatable, upon collection of the inflatable and there is no damage, the deposit will be returned to the hirer. If the inflatable is damaged, the deposit is no longer refundable, any further costing will be charged for in full to you the hirer. I the hirer accept this.
  22. Any persons using the inflatable does so at their own risk.
  23. Never mix ages and sizes of any persons using the inflatable.

I the hirer have accepted the above terms and conditions of hire. I the hirer have also accepted a clean undamaged inflatable to use from Fun Castles.